Where to Get Free Debt Advice and Dealing with Debt Collectors?

Debt Collectors

There is a whole host of reasons why you can end up in debt, in fact, most of us do at some point. They can include people losing their job so you shouldn’t judge people about having debts that they are worried about. But if you are worried about the debts that you’ve go and there’s a problem then seek help. Do not bury your head in the sand because the every debt problem is surmountable.

There is free advice out there for you who are where you should g and seek that help. Here are three of the places that you can go to Citizens Advice, Step change Debt Charity and the National Debt line. The numbers are there you can Google them if you do Google them make sure you go to the correct website because there are some unscrupulous people trying to mimic some of these places but the main thing is to get advice and these last two even have online tools to help you.

Dealing with Debt Collectors

While a lot of people think that debt collector and bailiffs are the same they’re no and it’s important that you know the difference. However, it’s best that we first debunk two myths about bailiff and debt collectors.

  1. If you’re behind on payments to a catalog, a store card, bank overdraft or loan, as long as the courts haven’t been involved a bailiff won’t get involved and secondly, if a creditor threatens to send debt collectors, it’s a myth that these are bailiffs. Debt collectors have no legal powers at all.
  2. Home visits from debt collectors are not as common as people might think. Debt collection agencies usually rely on letter and phone calls to contact you. If a debt collector does come to your door, ask them to leave and request that the company employing them only contact you by letter.
  3. If you’re worried about debt collectors or bailiffs visiting you at home contact our Helpline now or use our online advice tool, Debt Remedy.


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